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TARGET - Top Amplifier Research Groups in a European Team

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Feature articles on TARGET

To learn more about TARGET and its achievements please see the following press reports:

- ICT results -

'Powering up microwave amplifiers for a wireless world'
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read the article (ICT results)

- eStrategies Europe -

'Collaboration brings results on Power Amplifiers'
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TARGET books

"RF Power Amplifier Behavioral Modeling" (ISBN-13: 9780521881739)
Editor(s): Dominique Schreurs, Máirtín O'Droma, Anthony A. Goacher, Michael Gadringer
Published in October 2008


If you are an engineer or RF designer working with wireless transmitter power amplifier models, this comprehensive and up-to-date review of nonlinear theory and power amplifier modeling techniques is an absolute must-have. Including a detailed treatment of nonlinear theory, as well as chapters on memory effects, implementation in commercial circuit simulators, and validation, this one-stop reference makes power amplifier modeling more accessible by connecting the mathematics with the practicalities of RF power amplifier design. Uniquely, the book explains how systematically to evaluate a model’s accuracy and validity, compares model types and offers recommendations as to which model to use in which situation.

• Comprehensive and up-to-date one-stop reference • Uniquely explains how to evaluate a model's accuracy and validity • Contains chapters from key figures in amplifier modelling from 15 European universities and institutes round the world.

1. Power amplifier modelling overview; 2. Properties of behavioural models; 3. Nonlinear memoryless models; 4. Nonlinear models with linear memory; 5. Nonlinear models with non-linear memory; 6. Validation and comparison of PA models; 7. Aspects of system simulation; Appendicies: A. Recent wireless standards; B. Abbreviations; C. Authors and contributors.

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

"Characterization and Modelling Approaches for Advanced Linearisation Techniques" (ISBN 81-308-0027-6 )
Editor(s): José Angel García, José María Zamanillo and Máirtín O'Droma


In recent years, the introduction of novel digital modulation formats has resulted in a rapid growth in and transformation of modern radiocommunication systems. A wide variety of wireless scenarios may be found in our daily life and of particular concern is the optimisation of the communication link resources. The modulated signals to be handled by the RF transmitting and receiving blocks are characterised by a complex and widely varying envelope and this imposes stringent linearity requirements on these stages. The situation is critical when designing power amplifiers as they are generally responsible for most of the transceiver power consumption. Guaranteeing low distortion amplification by using over-specified power amplifiers results in low efficiencies in both base-stations and mobile terminals, which results in thermal dissipation problems and short talk times. This has resulted in the scientific and industrial communities giving increased attention to the solution of the linearity versus efficiency trade-off. This book addresses these issues focusing on microwave and mm-wave nonlinear high power amplifier research, and specifically on the power amplifier characterisation and linearisation aspects. Read more

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